Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Part 1: Day 3/15

In reality this is only my 2 day on this cleanse but my 3 day doing the lemon apple juice.
So my sister is coming to Oklahoma sunday. Just to give me the passport because we are both going to Peru and then she is going back to Texas until the 22nd or 23rd...not so sure yet.

I've been trying to focus on my study of the Bible and my study of Japanese and trying to learn some spanish and a bit of korean. Ok I know that is a lot but I really want to learn Japanese and Korean...spanish is just for fun. I don't think that will be very difficult to learn at all.

My face is still a bit bumpy and my pores are still big. My sister said I should be drinking at least a gallon a I will try.

Studying language is difficult if you don't have anything to listen to in order to copy the way the native speaker talks. Unforunately I don't have a computer of my own that has excess to the internet, so I must rely almost solely on books. Which brings for the problem of becoming bored easily. I have decided to make up games for every new vocabulary I learn.
Hopefully this along with writting stories I will write helps.

I can't wait until this cleanse is over.

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