Sunday, September 6, 2009


God has been telling me to fast for a while now. I have this nasty parasite in my eye and in my probably in my intestines. My fast is going to consist of 3 major parts.

First detox: I am taking a parasite killer called 'Bio-chem Parafactors' It says to take 2 times daily after a meal for 2 weeks. Then to stop taking it for 3 weeks and to began taking it again for 2 more weeks or until bottle is empty.

The first two weeks I will be drinking only lemon and apple juice. Which is an extreme detox for me. I will also be taking
Colloidal Silver which will be apply 3-6 drops in my eyes everyday.

The 3 weeks without taking 'bio=chem' I will be water fasting

and then I will be lemon and apple juicing for the last 2 weeks or until I run out of 'bio-chem Parafactor'

I am already starting to see detox effects from the lemon face is breaking out like nobodys business...small bumps everywhere on my face, and stomach is pretty bubbly.
I really have to do some soul searching and seeking out God. I believe we are going to enter into a time where things are going to get crazy. I think this is a time for prayer and growing as close to God as we can possibly get. I will be in Peru for part of the 21 day water fast. I hope the other christians I go with don't make a big deal about it. I mean God calls us to fast. Today while praying God told me not to be afraid, so I'm going to stand strong and not be afraid. I hope everything goes well. I really don't want anymore parasites...especially in my eyes.

I will tell you guys of any detox, emotions, and spiritual connectedness I get from this. I'll talk to you all later.
Well...I guess I should say my weight so as to know how much I should gain back after this is over. I weigh 130. Healthy weight at my height, but this fast is about seeking God and getting rid of my problems. Seek first the kingdom of God and all these things will be added unto you. I will be seeking God. I will not be afraid.
Be Blessed All.

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  1. Could you email me at
    I don't know how to blog and really don't want to. I need to talk to you about your eye problem. I understand you fasted for your the healing. It all sounds so interesting. I too am having problems with my eyes and it sounds something like what you went through. Please email me. Your blog comments are date 2009. It is now 2015. I am praying you are still reachable.

    Be Blessed,