Monday, September 7, 2009

Day 1/15 PART 1

8:20 am
Okay today is my first full day on this fast. Sunday I had eaten other stuff before starting.
My swelling and some of the bumps has gone down.
I had a weird dream. I was at a church that moved in the Spirit and some how I ended up in a car with my mom and some other people. She was telling me how she didn't like this fast I was doing. She was like 'I don't know why you want to do this?'
Then I told her about how it grows people closer to God, and I really gave her a rundown. I wasn't afraid to speak my mind. I only hope, if someone says something snotty about my fasting, they will realize that it is not only for health reasons, but also for reason to pull me closer to God.

I am already it will definitely be obvious, but at the same time I am not going to tell anyone of my ventures of fasting(family,friends,people with negative thoughts). I can't take anymore stares from people, and scorning words. Instead of scorning me they should be fasting and seeking God for themselves. It's ridiculous. You can tell someone about a pastor who did a fast for 40 days and how the SPIRIT OF GOD was upon him and how he did miracles in Jesus' name, and people will be like I guess he was a special case. Fasting is for every believer. Fasting slows you down and gets you to a place before God. I will not give up on my fast; if anything I am more willing to finish. I think the biggest trick of the enemy is intimidation. If the enemy can get you intimidated he can rule your life through fear. I say no, and I say yes to Christ. NO MORE FEAR.
The kingdom of heaven suffers violence and the violent take it by force...I guess I am the violent.

Out of the abundance of thoughts the mouth speaks. I know who I can trust, by just hearing what people say. It they are more on the positive side of things. I probably can trust them. I think that God is really moving this coming new year and the years to come. That is why we must getting closer to God now. It has been prophesied that many horrible things with begin to happen in America's economy, society, geographical regions. I heard also the there will be a (man made) famine, because of the bio-tech. seeds will be unable to produce fruit well, and unable to penatrate the ground in more cases. Also heard from a prophet that someone was going to try to k*ll the pr*sident (christians please pray that this doesn't happen). If this happens there will be huge r*ots (bl*ck/wh*te r*ots). Many people (bl*ck and wh*te) will get k*lled in these senselessly in these r*ots. Also the *ssinator will be thought to be a wh*te person, but it will not be. It will be a t*rr*rist group that will try to pin it on a wh*te stir up more fear. God has told me not to be afraid or intimidated by this or by my fast, because He is the Lion of Judah watching over me. A good thing that was prophesied was that the Glory of God would be extremely strong doing this time. People will be praising God and God will just be in the mist of it visibly. His Glory would be heavy and present. People could call out to God in the mist of His presence and see change instantly. Parents were calling out for their children and before the where done praying the children would come in the church saying that they want to give their lives to Jesus. In the last day you will really be able to see the people who are Christians and the people who just say they are, but never asked Jesus to be their savior. It's like the parable of the wheat and taerres. You can't tell them apart until the day of harvest...then you can tell the difference.
I say, America be watchful.
(note: I starred out some words that might try to be picked up by browsers)

I haven't drank anymore lemon/apple yet (just woke up), but today is a real day of just hanging out with God and talking with Him and meditating on His word.
I will tell you my body's reaction after I drink the lemon/apple juice.

Update soon:
I have just notice how big/ huge even my pores are becoming. Toxins are just pushing through. The lemon apple juice works big time. For some reason everyone once-in-awhile I will get allegic reaction (seemingly possible detoc effect) out of the blue. I got a new treatment for the parasites. I took the other one back. This one has wormwood and walnut(something) in it. The box said 15 days on the cleanse 5 days off and 15 days back on. So I have made up a new plan. For 15 days I will do the lemon apple juice. Then 5 days of fasting and then 7 day of veggies and the last 7 days lemon apple juice again. Still a 3 part system.

Today I read PSALMS 27,28,29
For me fear is an issue that I have to face head-on. It's hard for me to face peoples words because I enternalize it sometimes. But reading PSALMS 27 has really made me think 'what am I focusing on. Is it fear of man or God, am I beholding the beauty of the Lord. I also must wait on the Lord and give Him time to speak to me. Sometimes I just need to slow down and quiet myseld. Psalms 38 again enforces thefact that the Lord is out strength. Look to Him. All 3 chapters were inspiring and powerful. I think I'm going to read through Psalms. It's powerful.

Today I was reading 'The skinny'. It's a quaint book of commonsense when it comes to being healthy. Unlike most books they promote eatting what you want. They also talk about potion sizes and eatting for yourself and not for other people (which a lot of people do). They don't want to offend anyone so they eat what they really don't want just to please someone else. (I think we should give that the name 'food bullying'. They don't necessarily reject the use of meat or meat products, but they give some good alternatives. Unlike other books they don't discourage the consumption of meat of tell of the horrible things manufactors fo to the animals, but I find it somewhat refreshing that they don't disguss the stories being company walls, because every-once-inawhile I like to read somthing that is upbeat in tempo reather then negative. i believe it's wise to be informed but not everybook has to dicuss such things. We already have plenty of books that do. Anyway all-in-all a good book for those who aren't nessecially healthy, but find it hard to become healthy. Basically it's eat what you want in protions and eat your veggies too and exercise. (Basic common-sense) It's a pretty light read but I believe it's benefical no matter what your style of eatting is. good tips and pretty informative.

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