Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Health Careless Nation:Bringing light to the lies in America

The true importance of health is critical to true well being. When will America understand that vibrant life and shear unbalance is the our hands or in the mist of your stomach. It's like the blind leading the blind in most hospitals or the sick leading the sick. Both ends lead in disease.

Hospitals now becoming drug stations. Doctors now dieing or dealing with the same things and symtomes their patients are dealing with. Doing and addicted to the same things their patients are addicted to. Drugs and Food...just like the administration.
I've only been working in the hospital for about a month, but I see the destruction processed foods have on the pyschi, the brain, and the heart. Destroying it destroys. Painfully breaking down the moral fibers of life. Not caring about themselves, in turn not caring about others. Life is a cycle and we are all on this faris wheel, but in turn we decided if we jump off early or possibly stay on a little longer.

The people I work with make fun of health....
and they work in health care.

At the hospital nurses and doctors are always talking about how tired they are. I just realized I never want to have health issues. I want to have energy and strength. That is why I know being health is truely the best thing we can do for our body.

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